That venerable and august body,The British Medical Association(BMA),will debate spending priorites in the National health Service(NHS) at its annual Conference.I know this because a Doctor told me.or rather I was part of the radio audience whom he told.This particular Doctor affirmed his personal commitment to,”universal healthcare provision”.Here in Britain that sort of arrangemnet “is free at the point of use”,they do not check your bank balance prior to treatment as apparently and probably unlikely they might tend to do elsewhere(the US is usually unfairly pointed at as that sort of a place).as part of the particular broadcast item,Stephen Dorrell(chairman of the parliamentiary Health Select Committee)tended to concur quite a lot with the MD and helpfully pointed out “that we ought to determine priorities”.Which tends rather to suggest that “we”(I think he means the taxpayer(plural) )have not been prioritising NHS spending.Oh dear,and that after 7,000,000 abortions since 1967 for instance.Spendthrift or what?


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