As the Libyan Capital of Tripoli ,is subjected to a further excruciating episode of the West’s own debilitating and seemingly contagious psychologically damaging existential crisis,various and diverse totemic figures in the West’s tribal pantheon are being called upon to speak words of wisdom in the Corporate Media’s public forum in order to allay any doubts or concerns that the West’s hapless populace might be experiencing.Thus the paradox manifests itself.The Crisis engenders further Crises.Existential dread,once set in motion feeds upon itself thus realising its own nemesis.geo-political worries have nourished concerns about future well being,that in turn have provoked actions/reactions in response to the initial(and unsubstantiated fear or cause of fear).And before you know it,foreign cities are subjected to a murderous onslaught.The observation,carefully crafted and only applied after much deep and philosophical consideration(well,not really,but it sounds good)has to be “NAZI!!!”.Heil Obama,Heil Sarkozy and not least,you stupid toff (that’s a replacement adjective for a term that is usually spelled with only the one F)Cameron.


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