The Census,Part Deux..once upon a time,actual,real people called,”Census takers” called at your home in person in order to ensure that the census document was completed.But the World has gotten faster and faster still and in that process,human labour has been superceded by dead-labour(technology).Even as far back as the 2001 Census,things were going spectacularly awry and ten years on the UK has been deluged by,at least an additional 4 to 5 million non-indegenous,non-english speakers,all of whom are somehow to take part in the Census.Their already burdensome presence has made itself felt on the already depleted jobs-market and on our already failing schools and on our already overstretched hospitals and on our already depleted availability of affordable accomodation.To complete the Census documentation is to begin to lend the tiniest molecule of legitimacy to the Ruling Elites’ calamitous social/multicultural re-engineering project.And making further profits for a global armaments manufacturer.I’d rather shower in petrol and smoke a Pall-Mall.


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