It’s not about achievement,it’s not about evolutionary improvement or attaining some amorphous,”higher” or “next”level.University education is about continuing to subsidise the self-defined “needs” and delusional “demands”of the grasping,self-obsessed,socially-insensitive,elbows-akimbo,pushing-to-the-front-of the queue at everybody else’s expense,”Middle Class”.they are as fat,lazy,stupid and self-indulgent as are the “!ower” or “working”classes and the “Middle”merely aspires to be a totally social Black Hole just like those they idolise in the Ruling Classes or elites.The common Swine manifests more social manners and grace at their trough before sticking their snouts in than does the aspiring “Middle”Class;Swine at least have the advantage of not requiring much in the way of “fake”GCSE passes in order to be ranked as more or less worthy of being allowed to partake in the doling out of available swill.


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