NHS(National Health Service) reforms are currently plate-du-jour on the Political Commentariat’s menu.The proposed reforms,structural and far-reaching,essentially move,or are intended to move responsibility for 80%of the NHS’ budget to GP Practices.But that’s not how the political discourse is being conducted in Public and by the Media.The overall net benefit of the removal of an entire,useless layer of bureaucracy from the NHS structure should be a cause for popular celebration.But the”national”,”health”,”service”is a sacred cow and not a public institution that might somehow be open and transparent  and subject to scrutiny and is oft quoted that  the NHS is the single largest employer in Europe!In truth,it is a necessary functional adjunct to a modern capitalist economy that requires of necessity that its workforce can be adequately physically maintained and repaired at a reasonable cost to( the Capitalists’ own Book-keepers),the State.However,emotionalism,sensationalism,party-ideological invective and delusional posturing by all and sundry have firmly re-located the actual discourse in an impenetrable miasma of half-truth and little understanding of what is necessary.


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