You know how it is;you wake up one morning and the realisation just hits you that this is no longer the Country I grew up in.That somewhere along the timeline, from your last recollection of a coherent and intrinsically recognisable point in the past to this present moment ,something got altered, someone has stolen the future,your future and made it theirs.The quintessentially Philip K.Dick kairos moment just didn’t happen straightaway,it might feel like that but in “reality” it actually evolved,mutated ,morphed into what is to all intents and purposes the here and now.And it’s a recurring nightmare.To-day,two gang-members were sentenced to Life imprisonment for the murder of a teenage girl in east London last year.She had not been their intended target ,(is this supposed to be somehow reassuring?) the gang members had set out with the intention of using their sub-machine gun to murder a member of a rival gang.Either way,the Judge pronounced that the both of them would have to serve a minimum of 32 years each before being considered eligible for parole.Parole? machine-gunning a 16 year old schoolgirl standing inside a takeaway restaurant and at some point in their futures they get let-off and forgiven?Yes.Loss and a continuing absence of Identity,of belonging to an ordered,coherent Society with laws and a History and shared values all feed into gang culture.Nature abhors a vacuum.And the Oxbridge educated,metropolitan-centred socio-economic elites just don’t care.


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