And so it goes..You get rid of one lying,Janus-faced bunch of kleptocratic hypocrites and along comes another gaggle of spluttering ,mealymouthed charlatans to replace them.And that’s Politics?It is in the failing West;especially a place like Greater Europa’s  NorthWestern Maritime Province,which amid the endless Longeur manifests a sort of collective Parkinson’s and starts fondly recalling scenes from its long-ago distant past,even if the specific episodes it then alludes to never actually took place.So,wipe the drool off of its chin,pat it on the head and leave it to its own devices at the retirement Home.British political discourse got flushed down the ‘pan a long,long time ago now and what we’re left with is an idiot like Cameron,strutting and fretting his hour upon the stage and recapitulating some inane gibberish about what he politely terms,Immigration.The ultimate cataclysmic multicultural on-going socio-economic disaster imaginable.But ,hey!this is “britain”so we mustn’t become too alarmist.Remember every dainty pair of icetongs can be brought to bear against the iceberg in the engine-room.


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