I just love it when a couple of blustering,posturing , Old -Etonionated decrepit farts prattle on in that affected Home Counties drawl that’s supposed to imply breeding or intelligence or their own personal right to speak for England or something terribly archaic.Max Hastings and “Colonel Bob”Stewart provided the sub-Morecambe & Wise comedic interlude on BBC Radio4 this morning;and mighty fine entertainment it was too.The dreaded term,”Vietnam” was uttered and gasped at by Max & Bob;its very Spectre casts an indelible giant shadow over the West’s cretinously unhinged military adventurism,which having once again been let off its leash, has gone and started something else it can’t possibly finish.Still,the Max and Bob interlude beats all the other contemporary stand-up comedians currently enjoying the benefits of their vastly overstated reputations.Cor blimey Guv,them two ain’t half funny! Ere,tells us that one abart Afghanistan and Iraq again.


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