It has to be heard to be believed.BBC Radio4’s To-day program is the live,morning Confessional for the members of the previous newlabour legislative tyranny.Mea Culpa  follows  Mea Culpa likes it’s about to start going out of fashion.This a.m.’s on-air flagellant in the hair-shirt was none other than Kim Howells.He held several influential posts,dabbled in “Middle Eastern Affairs” and generally was more than the usual “useful idiot” from the South Wales political/factional mafia in the heart of labour’s ruling families.According to the penitent Howells,the newlabour regime had got it wrong over the question of domestic Islamic extremism/terrorism.”Political Correctness” was by his own admission at fault,”it”had caused those in Power and Authority to hold back from confronting the “threat” until 7/7 swept away their inhibitions.The Supplicant for Absolution Howells(usually a preening ,self-regarding,pompous oaf of a marist-intellectual ) manifested some vestigal signs of genuine contrition in confirming previously publicly available evidence that the Security Services and Police knew about and ought to have acted on Intelligence and chose not to.”Political Correctness” Howells had said,held them back.PC,the express tool of the atheist/secularist Conspiracy that has torn apart and caused to be discarded the inalienable Rights of the Indigenous Folk of These British Isles granted unto them from time Immemorial by such Historic and Sacrosanct instruments as Magna Carta and subsequent Bill of Rightswon by the blood-sacrifice of  the freeborn Christian English most notably in the struggles against CharlesI.All of this Howells admitted  had,in effect been defecated on by newlabour and all supporters of PC- itself the illegitimate spawn of multiculturalism that in its turn motivates and arms the very Islamic terrorists/extremists which the defenders of this Christian Realm refuse to do anything about.The irony is somewhat strained don’t you think?


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