To-day,May 5th. happens to be Referendum Day here in the formerly “Great”Britain.The ,unwritten for the most part,British Constitution abhors the very notion of referendums.The last such exercise occurred back in 1975 on the question of continued membership of the then European Economic Community.My word,how the ideological landscape has changed since then.That last referendum at least generated some grandiose and cogent political rhetoric.The intrinsic character and content of the ( admittedly massively uneven )debate exuded gravitas and in retrospect assumed that the electorate was capable of understanding some level of complex argument.No such luck this time.Public political discourse is now endemically infantile.The politicians themselves,virtually without exception.represent and espouse infantilised versions of once cogent doctrines.AV,the alternative  vote,has been rendered incomprehensible to the lay-voter and been adjudged by media pundits to be of itself an times like this,I no longer need fear for the future of my Country,because it no longer has one.


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