It is a sine qua non that politics, especially here in the Brussels governed Satrapy of Yu-Kay,is largely a tribal affair.The  Official Media,in their immediate post-election analyses ,are reporting massive losses (throughout local authority councils) being sustained by the Liberal Democrats.Again the “official” line is that they are bearing the brunt of the frustration and ire of voters,who traditionally in British local council elections use the ballot box to punish whichever Party is in national government for its policies rather than as a positive indicator of truly local/parochial concerns and interests.So much then for the spirit of altruism and putting the “national interest” first.The Liberals’ senior national Coalition partners,aka,The Tories,have basically used their deluded  junior allies as hostages to fortune and as a human shield to absorb the onslaught of popular electoral disapproval.And as for Labour,they stuck to what they do best when they are unable to avail themselves of their historic mandate,( which is to systematically betray and weaken still further The Trades Unions and the working class in general ),they cynically appealed to the ingrained tribal loyalty of the very people they as a party would betray at the earliest opportunity.


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