Barely a few days on from the rather unsurprising local election results here in the Brussels-governed Satrapy of Yu-Kay;how does it feel to be alive and living in Labour’s tribal heartland ?Well,seeing as how I’ve been asked,herewith my answer.It’s bloody awful! It’s like being inside a Kafka novel but without the benefit of being able to close it and put it aside for another day.Political tribalism doesn’t get much more ingrained and transmitted,virtually undiluted, from generation to generation than right here in Wakefield.A couple of years ago,their local hegemony came within one Council-seat of being extinguished.Alas the hoped for progress has not taken place and indeed to some degree,the Stasi majority in the Chamber has actually grown back.The echo of jackboots parading on the cobblestones of Red Square is once again getting louder.37 years of One-Party yoke.Uneffing bearable!!!


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