Who’s turn is it to start the bombing..? With NATO having been deeply suckered into playing its invaluable role in the unfolding mayhem in Libya,who exactly has got any spare military capacity left to do a little bombing over Syria? Cities are burning in Syria,and China and Russia are sitting quietly in the corner at the UN Security Council smirking to themselves.Nice one guys! Bravo,well played diplomatically.The West went and pressed the “Gung Ho!” button and got embroiled in Libya and all the time everyone really knew that it was always going to be Syria that turned out to be the real lynchpin.No doubt,in time the US and its obedient cohort of NATO-participating lackeys will develop some proper diplomatic skills and insight.But until then,who is up for a spot of extra bombing duties ? Britain.? France.? the US itself.?No,I didn’t think so.


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