• Pakistan,a failed and failing a state as it is and has been for some considerable time now,continues to preoccupy the Ruling Elites’ attention spans here in the West.The cruel irony for the West’s Christophobic/Extremist Secularist Elite is that by pursuing their decades-long Societal /Social,Re-engineering strategy they’ve actually managed to strengthen and re-invigorate precisely those ideological forces which their own policies sought to eradicate.And the entire Pakistan/Afghanistan imbroglio is just about as big a mess as they could possibly have made,given the lack of any serious contender on the World stage to the West’s petulant,fraudulent  claims to Hegemony.The ,not so much “Big” as utterly gargantuan, Lie that is “multiculturralism” has signally failed to produce the outcomes and policy objectives of our own Kleptocratic,Usurer-friendly,Oxbridge-educated,Metropolitan-based governing Elite and the World should at least give thanks for that.

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