• The trouble with starting a fight,any fight,is making sure beforehand that you can not only finish the fight but also that at the end of it you’ve won.And that’s ,of course, where NATO’s impetuous,let’s-pretend-we’re tough strategy toward Libya has gone badly off the rails.What that pompous Danish General Secretary Rasmussen sounds like, is the Fat Controller at the site of a train wreck.If they’re not winning,the US doesn’t want to know;that’s why they palmed responsibility off onto NATO just as the UN Resolution okaying unmitigated violence against the sovereign nation of Libya was authorised by the inept UN.And in the middle of this War- as- installation art out in the Libyan desert,it turns out that the British Army is not only chronically under-resourced,but that the MoD has paid way beyond market prices in pursuit of their own unrealisible procurement objectives;i.e.making sure that the army can actually do the job assigned to it by the MoD.

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