• The Yu-Kay indulged itself yesterday,30 May with what is known as,” Late Spring Bank Holiday”;kind of catchy isn’t it?The Yu-Ess meanwhile held its “Memorial Day”;a much more resonant holiday with gravitas by comparison to Airstrip One’s all inclusive,acultural, officially sanctioned sloth.Memorial Day, so poignant and yet so apposite.The Yu-Ess led entourage of lackeys and bootlickers,ie NATO,was forced to issue an official apology for killing 14 Afghan civilians.Afghanistan’s Kleptocrat-in-Chief Karzai also gave NATO forces a final warning over such incidents.In the middle of issuing their apology,NATO insisted that only 9 civilians had been killed by accidnt,the other 5 cadavers happen to have been Insurgents.Well hell boys,why not report the incident in terms of batting averages or as percentages of successful touchdown receptions?or whatever other sports-metaphors you’d care to obviate the moral/philosophical/existential dilemma into.”Please Sir,some of those 14 were in fact bad people…”,well laddie,write out a hundred times”We must not kill innocent civilian bystanders”.And so it goes;it was Memorial Day in America.How effing reassuring to the rest of the planet.

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