• There’s nothing that quite dulls the senses so much first thing of a morning, than some rhetorical contretemps on the radio between two venal,wheedling,liberal philosophers-Manque.Geoffrey Robinson QC and Guardian-philosophe Simon Jenkins fulfilled their respective and all but indistinguishable roles in this faux-contest admirably(in so far that anything of a liberal ideological provenance can ever be termed admirable).The clash of the wholly imperceptible weltanschauungens concerned the incarceration of Ratko Mladic.Robertson was very pro-ICC(international criminal court-not the almost similarly acronymed governing body for the game of cricket!) whilst Jenkins was pro-ICC but against its mission-creep.They both,somewhat unremarkably acknowledged that none of the predominant Great Powers would ever be made to answer before the ICC.Well now,that was one heck of an admission by these twin promoters of everything multicultural/mutliethnic/multifaith and so on and so forth;it seems that,according to their analyses,Might is Right after all.

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