• The failure to attain an acceptably functioning level of literacy amongst the vast majority of the World’s population is a shame and intolerable scandal. Falls in the  levels of literacy and numeracy amongst the highly industrialised nations, seems to be a long term and seemingly ineradicable trend,and should be an even greater source for concern,especially amongst those nations such as Britain.To-day’s Daily Mail,highlights the plight of what it refers to as a “£400 million Mogul”who has to get his PR/Sercretary to read and write for him.Additional news straplines refer to 1in3 London schoolchildren where households don’t own a single book.40-odd years of Official,State-sponsored liberal-drivel ideology is squarely to blame not only for the predicament but also the truly staggering scale of it.English is in practice notthe official language of the EU’s Northwestern Maritime Province.No-one actually has to be able to demonstrate a grasp of English in order that they might be granted leave to stay let alone citizenship and the right to work and even vote in Yu-Kay.Official Liberal State Ideology does not permit such “discriminatory”behaviour;neither does the same ideology permit Teachers to teach or require pupils to behave and pay respect and attention toward their betters.”Mini-Ed”that great Ministry for Education whose express purpose is to de-educate the population;whose literacy initiatives and policies and strategies have resulted in more people being illiterate than at any time since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.Perhaps “They”have succeeded after all,and we just don’t know how to express our undying gratitude to them?

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