• There are clear and unambiguous signs of an impending “humanitarian crisis” developing on the Turkey/Syria border.Thousands of Syrians are fleeing from the Assad Regime’s backlash against what it reports as an armed insurgency.Clearly,whatever the actualite on the ground in various Syrian cities,the burgeoning crisis is not simply about Damascus authorities getting annoyed to the point of expaseration with peaceful,non-violent demonstrators.The widely reported “Arab Spring”has all the appearance of being a largely western media-inspired conceit and diplomatic shorthand for “we haven’t the foggiest notion as to what’s actually going on in lots of different countries that are largely Arab by definition of geography and ethnicity.”And the people suffer and are made to suffer.Incited and cajoled by forces outside of their own national boundaries,poorly informed and misguided segments of the citizenry are acting without order and purpose in a collectively mistaken campaign to overthrow their governments.And the supreme irony is that the West’s ruling elites couldn’t care less either,Libya not withstanding.

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