• The BBC and The Guardian toiletroll, those prominent liberal/multiculturalist-leftist bastions of unimpeachable virtue in the Yu-Kay based Media,were forced into making a humiliating apology in Public the other day.Both had given credence and prominence to a “blogger” signing themselves,”gaygirl damascus”.This female blogger supposedly was a young lesbian activist sending first hand information from Damascus and who herself had been detained by the evil Baathist regime for her activities.Wrong!! ha..ha fooled you! It turned out to be some asocial male geek living in Scotland,whose deceit was uncovered by a Yew York Times reporter doing their journalistic duty and actually bothering to look into this gay female Syrian blogger.It is yet one more irrefutable instance of the multiculturalist-mongering,wiberal(sic)feminist equality pushing pedants being exposed for what they truly are;hypocrites and liars.

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