• Nothing quite beats the sound of two politicians arguing on BBC Radio4 last thing at night.And nothing gets close to the barely concealed antipathy seeping out all over the airwaves between two German politicians.Frau Gisella Stewart(is that rarity,a german born Yu-Kay labour MP) and she disguised her linguistic “zer”for “the” much better than her opponent a former german EU Commissioner,(and,no I can’t for the life of me recall his name at this particular popint in the narrative!).The Greek sovereign debt crisis afforded Frau Stewart to sound sensible and entirely rational,which is quite a feat for any serious germanic politician;whilst au contraire the fromer EU commissioner insisted,ja? zat zis iss a no-go aria(sic) when discussing the relative merits of the EU letting Greece exit the euro currency zone.Two germans having a barney;a sure sign that the entire Nutty Professor EU dream is falling apart at the seams;so it seems.Schadenfreude at its best!All that was absent was the theme to “The Great Escape” and the admonition,”For you Fritz the EU is over”.

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