• According to lifelong state-subsidised  Geeks with very expensive telescopes who gawp entranced for days on end at the far distant corners of the Cosmos(or up there somewhere,as the rest of mankind kind of thinks about it),4 cluster galaxies each containing billions of galaxies like our own(we own a galaxy?) have been crashing into one another for the last 350million years or thereabouts.And Geekdom is really excited about it.Their current intellectual wet dream concerns the elusive “dark matter”;geeks need to prove that there is such a thing or otherwise,and here’s the killer,they’ll be forced to scribble some other equally lunatic notion onto their ever-replenishing supply of envelopes on which they only ever write on the back of.As is Geek-tradition.On the other hand ,according to other observations of cosmic phenomena,the Geeks are having a sovereign debt crisis where billions of euros that don’t actually exist crash into each other for basically ever.Interesting don’t you think?Well,don’t you?

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