• Here in Yu-Kay,the desultory nature of yesterday’s Great day of Public -sector Union protest was as unremarkable as it was almost inevitable.Pension reform became the focus of public media discourse and largely,for the general public,dissolved into a barely coherent fog of assertion,claim and counter-claim between the protagonists in the debate.Unions are a mere shadow of what they once were and the politics of the Left in Britain have become so diluted over time,that although the troops might be willing,the objective of their campaign,real or imagined,lie further away from realisation than ever before.The passage of time and a great deal of it,with a deepening pool of unemployment,possibly 3 times greater than it is now,might begin to engender the necessary preconditions for something a bit more visceral than what we can reasonably expect from the prevailing balance of forces at the present juncture.

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