• When France surrendered to Nazi Germany back in 1940,the Third Reich was kind enough to provide a historic railway carraige for the occasion.When Britain surrendered its Sovereignity as an independent nation-state to the Fourth Reich it did so in some faceless office somewhere in downtown Brussels.The latest episode in this long-running and seemingly interminable litany of consequences of that initial craven and abject acceptance of an unaccountable,unelected Alien form of government,ought to shock;but it doesn’t.The Mail on Sunday reported the end of train making in the city of Derby after 150 years.A £1.4billion contract for 1,200 carriages for Thameslink was awarded by the Yu-Kay government to Siemens of Germany,thus sounding the death-knell for Bombadier Engineering’s 3,000 workforce in Derby.Coalition regime rail Minister,ms.villiers said that the regime had no choice but to award the contract to the German bidder.”We are bound by legally-binding EU rules..”Senior Ministers it was reported,are having seriuos doubts about this policy.I don’t recall Magna Carta nor the 1688 Bill of Rights nor any Statute of Parliament which defines the legitimate government of these islands as being allowed to “have doubts”about what the successors of Adolf Hitler and Marshal Petain have foisted onto the British peoples via the cretins currently falsely occupying seats in Westminster.

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