• Cultural cannibalism is now rife in Britain.The media is feeding on itself,tearing itself apart limb by bloody limb.Only the assnine exploits of the stupefyingly inane Media is of immediate interest and concern to the self same inane,ADHD afflicted media.NATO’s continuing campaign of bombing the living daylights out of the Libyan desert and whoever happens to be in the area at the time,is hardly getting short shrift if any in the media.The impending financial-Chernobyl of the Eurozone has been similarly relegated to the lower echelons of the Yu-Kay media agenda.Greece and Portugal will soon be forced to apply to the manufacturers of the “Monopoly” boardgame for some make-believe currency,since no-one in the real world will lend either of them anything other than maybe the address of their nearest emergency night shelter.But the media couldn’t care less about that either.Self-absorbed(sounds like a kitchen towel),self-referencing and ideologically and philosophically insular to a remarkable degree,the Yu-Kay media is set for one helluva cannibals’ banquet.With Cameron for dessert?

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