• The Chinese government rules over a billion people.When it decides to blacklist western blogging sites there’s not a great deal anyone can do practically to dissuade them.But here in Yorkshire(eeh bah gumm sither tha noz)Wakefield Metropolitan District Council,in the 37th year of Labour’s prevailing jackboot,is trying to get itself noticed as Europe’s capital of Anti-Christianity.Having lost one ludicrous attempt to stamp on The Faith by attempting to persecute one of its Housing dept.employees,the Council has now chosen a less overt tack.Via its public Libraries and in cahoots with a nebulous unaccountable quango called the Yorkshire&Humberside Grid for Learning,the Labour/stasi run council has officially blacklisted Thoughts.Com,a predominantly Christian-oriented,Florida based blooging site.Why?try asking David Dagger,the labour Councillor and erstwhile Lavrenti Beria figure in charge of the Libraries.

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