• According to Yu-Kay Coalition regime bagman Cable,”Right wing nutters” are threatening the stability of the US economy by failing to agree with the Obama adminstration, a series of largely cosmetic fiscal measures,designed to forestall a national default .”Right-wing nutter” is also how the Media are portraying the man arrested over the weekend for carrying out multiple homicides in Norway.Are the elected Republican Party politicians the same kind of “right wing nutter” that the Norwegian homicidal maniac is?the trouble with political pygmies such as Vince the Cable guy is that once they’re up on their shetland pony,there’s just no stopping them.After all,stereotyping cuts lots of ways,as I’m sure the socialist/liberal/atheistic,oxbridge-educated,metropolitan-based Kleptocratic,usurer-friendly multiculturalist,anti-british Ruling elites know full well.

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