• All’s well that ends well.Dummies about to be firmly shoved back into their bawling irksome faces,the AWOl from Playgroup toddlers are now going to get their legs slapped,jolly hard.Aaahh that old Dunkirk spirit;”we’re all doom-hed” counterpointed by “Don’t panic”,it was almost like a re-enactment society of Dad’s Army afficionadoes rather than the once great Yu-Kay parliament in session.David Cameron,sporting a light patina of grown-up stubble,(or was that just the poor stage-lighting?) proved more than a capable stand-in for the real Captain Mainwaring.Further morale-boosting news reported that Blighty had resumed its inherently rightful position as the World’s leading cricket test playing nation.That’s the spirit.Pack off the hardly-out-of-their nappies delinquents for a jolly hard slap across their legs and hey presto we can all watch the Miss Marple re-runs on Tele in peace.

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