The UN’s respected body the International Labour Organisation,ILO,reported yesterday on the state of the global economy. In short the ILO stated, that in order for the global economy to return to the employment levels where they were in 2007,at the start of “the crisis”,80,000,000 jobs need to be created over the next 2 years. The ILO’s best estimate is that only about half that required number,i.e. only 40,000,000 jobs will be created globally over the next 2 years. ILO tends to be as objectively circumspect as it is possible to be since they do not serve any one single political grouping,such as the EU. We need 80 million just to return to 2007 levels;what we’ll get is going to be nearer only 40 million.Anyone from the Usurer/capitalist community want to join those dots up and draw a conclusion and make a prognosis?


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