I really think REM’s ,” The end of the world as we know it” is overdue for re-release. REM’s lyrics capture the “Zeitgeist” perfectly. And if the corporate-media maelstrom of pretend and pretentitious headlines and bulletins are to be “believed”,it was David Cameron who has somehow managed to bring it about! The end of the world as we know it, was the theme of EuroKommissar Chief Barroso’s hyperbolic and disjointed public castigation of the British prime Minister’s actions the previous day. The once and former plenipotentiaries of 27 former independent,sovereign national states had gathered in their Coven’s headquarters in Brussels to agree,in principle that ,allegorically,the Emperor was indeed correctly attired. Such is the Alice-in-wonderland quality of what,may once,have been quite rational political public discourse here in britain,that had Cameron agreed to suspend even his limited disbelief in the absence of the Emperor’s attire,then Labour and whoever else felt like it would have denounced him for being a traitor. That he didn’t suspend his disbelief and had then gone on to disabuse the other 26 of their delusional beliefs,Labour and evryone one else who felt like it denounced him as a traitor for that course of action instead. Cynicism may have its drawbacks,as indeed does every individuated philosophically based point of view,but those who cry “traitor” when they themselves would be the worst kind of traitor,really are filling up the empty barrels beneath Parliament with more than just unarticulated resentment.


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