Were it not so funny it would be tragic.Or should that be were it not so tragic…? The Yu-Kay Coalition Regime announced that it’s setting tougher standards for five year-olds in the state education system.The quasi-1984 announcement is that,5 year-olds shall in future,be capable of counting up to,twenty. Quite when that particular “future” is supposed to eventuate was not disclosed by the press release. No doubt,were they so inclined to so do,Schools could create “Basic counting co-ordinators” and implement “adding up strategies” and mention them in the wider context of “going forward”.Which is what they usually wrap every simplistic and common-sense notion up in ,in order to present them as some kind of revelatory,pioneering achievement.Which,of course they never,ever,are. Quite how struggling with something that was once taken for granted connects with the ever increasing numbers,in volume as well as percentage terms,of A-Level Maths success at the other end of the state-education production line,is indeed a mystery.


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