2012,let’s get on with it!As Germany and its compliant Vichy French poodle made clear throughout the course of 2011,we are all in for more hard times. The good news for 2012,is that the Usurer/Capitalist oligarchs and their political hirelings are going to experience even harder times than they would care to contemplate in their worst nightmares. Extra-constitutional means,such as organised and co-ordinated mass demonstrations,various forms of anti-corporate and anti-state acts of cyber-sabotage,physical strikes as once were the norm throughout industial and service sectors look to be a welcome plethora of storms brewing on the horizon.Annus Mirabilis for the 99%. All those who utter even one recognisable syllable that in some way could be construed as supportive of the EU in any way whatsoever are traitors to their own Nation and Identity.They are the “Kapo”making sure we all get on the cattle-truck that leads to our own extinction. Usurer/capitalism and the institutions it has subborned are an existential threat to mankind and must,of necessity be confronted and dealt with by whatever means are available.Oh,and,Happy New Year!


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