The research and campaigning group Migrationwatch has just put some interesting stats.into the public domain comparing the current level of youth unemployment to the number of east-european workers working in the UK.They,quite rationally assert that there’s a llnk,the major parties;liberal/socialist and multiculturalist,federal europeans one and all, have denounced Migrationwatch’s figures. If the big 3 Westminster political parties ever went into weather reporting they’d probably conclude that you can’t establish a proven link between the increasing sunshine in summer and a recorded rise in daytime temperatures during that same period. Reason,let alone everday common-sense and the basic functioning of the captalist economic system(and its inescapable consequences) are utterly beyond the intellectual capacities of those 3 major parties and their supporters.Conservative,Liberal and Labour and their whiney multiculturalist,anti-British,anti-Christian allies don’t do rational thought/argument,the truth nor anything approaching it.Clearly in their metroploitan-based worldview, a tsunami of2 million jobsnatching jobless from the former Soviet eastern europe does not and can never have any actuual physical, let alone social or economic consequences;they all turn up and shazam! no-one notices and its all hunky dory. Whoever’s got the matches,please get a move on and get that fuse lit.


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