It was once the case that certain societies and certain nation-states were accorded the epithet ,”totalitarian” if those societies’ particular ways of organising and running their affairs fell foul of what the, allegedly, more enlightened western democracies considered to be universally applicable norms,ie.those in operation specifically within the self-referencing and self-absorbed western democracies,who by their own reckoning were unquestionably a superior form of human society. Western democracies,as History even now shows,though perhaps not comprehensively enough for some as yet,are the most convenient facade for obscuring the Usurer/Capitalist ruling elites’true intentions,purposes and modes of operation. The “collective”,broad brushstroke West,the supposed heirs of the legacies of the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolutions and all manner of social emanicipation,are merely a very convenient,”shell company”,a handy base from which to propagate Usury and from which to ensure round the clock maintenance of the most insane form of mass economnic organisation conceivable. The likes of Stalin,Mao and Hitler had very little inkling of the true nature and scope of what they believed themselves to be in the throes of opposing.To paraphrase the well used axiom,the question is not have the lunatics taken over the asylum;the real point is they are the ones who set it up in the first place. The truest mark of the real totalitarian,is the comfort and ease with which they,corporately and individually adopt a casual air of innate superiority and explain patiently to the rest of the world around them,that,for instance,”We all have to bear part of the sacrifice”in order to overcome or get through present economic and financial difficulties.And,of course,they will with equal patience reassure the clueless public that they’ll reform the very mechanisms that emngendered the crisi originally.As if.


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