What once was the Mother of Parliaments,in a chamber where once the very destiny and fate of nations and peoples was considered and influenced; has long since given way to and been replaced by a sub-standard,tawdry imitation of a chamber of a peripheral third-rate county council. Bereft of any actual legitimate decision making powers,all the former House of Commons is capable of these days is play-acting sound and fury,which ultimately signifies nothing. The man,(whom arch-conservative commentator of ” The Spectator”, Simon Heffer recently called “a former marketing spiv for Carlton Television”) ,i.e. David Cameron,once more resorted to his act of posturing and simpering and trying to impersonate a real Prime Minister,DC coming across in debating style and faux-rhetoric as a cross between a constipated,senile Bismarck and the late camp comedian Kenneth Williams. Having previously ,”vetoed” an EU-SSR attempted constitutuional/institutional putsch to railroad through an all inclusive EU-wide Single currency rescue mechanism,DC has subsequently reneged on his publicly stated position of not allowing the institutions of the EU-SSR to act as enforcers and mediators of the said “rescue” mechanism. The former marketing spiv has achieved what few politicians ever manage;to simultaneously lay themselves open to criticism and umbrage from allies and foes alike. This truly is ideological idiocy on a comic-opera scale. Treason is too grand a word, let alone concept to try and apply to such an innately morally vacuous,philosophically denuded,witless cretin to whom hubris and betrayal come so effortlessly.


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