There are few things more satisfying in political life than to have your sworn enemies and fairweather detractors denounce you as being ” an extremist “. I absolutely love it; to paraphrase the eponymous hero of mine ,the screen character Dirty Harry,,it makes my day. Some overpaid,pretentitious,academic,presumably with a recognised specialism in the sort of work the Stasi used to do in the bad old days of Communist East Germany,had the temerity of broadcasting on BBC Radio 4 this morning an implied and authentic threat that all those who express their ideologically-well founded dissent fromn the UK’s ruling elite and its government,will be hunted down. The utterly specious, quasi-legitimising,all-too stalinist term he used to demonise these dissidents was, what he obviously thought was the manly epithet of ” right wing extremist “. So,tell me about it you cretinous,anti-christian,pro-Usury,liberal/socilaist/feminist/multiculturalist/atheistic non-entity;go ahead make my day.


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