Despite the Yoo-Kay Coalition Regime’s tawdry national media backed campaign to malign and denigrate the vast armies of the welfare-dependent and unemployed;the current news headlines appear to be beyond even their customary control and adroit manipulation. Justifiable public outrage has greeted the appalling revelation of Britain’s largest supermarket Tesco’s cynical and wholly indefensible use of what is in effect forced labour. This stain on British civil society has been,from the Machiavellian Cameron’s already beleagured perspective further worsened by the Police ‘s raid on private employment services provider A4e’s head offices as part of their investigation into allegations of systematic defrauding of public monies by a4e a leading company engaged and promoted by the PM himself in the admittedly chronically useless and not-fit-for purpose ” Work Programme”. The Usurer-Capitalist ruling elites obviously thought that their latest tranche of mass scale social-engineering;further pauperisation and exploitation of the proletariat would be allowed to go ahead pretty much uncontested,as most of their other imbecilic projects such as multiculturalism,unrestricted immigration and compulsory feminism,abortion and so forth have already done.Well,they got this one wrong!


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