The difficulty Doctors encounter when treating the severely mentally ill,is that the mentally ill are generally unaware of their own condition. This is analogous to proferring explanations, rational advice and cogent analyses to the common or garden capitalist and their vast droves of utterely cretinised supporters. RBS was one of the major and significant beneficiaries of the ” Banking Bailout “;that supremely well executed greatest mass fraud in History,when the Usurer-Capitalist elites engineered the collapse of there own banking institutions in order to,under the guise of a necessary “rescue”,expropriate in a one-way transfer, vast, almost incalculable amounts of real wealth away from the working class directly into their own corporate and private coffers. RBS contrary to classicly espoused capitalist norms, was de-facto nationalised and is now posting a loss of some £2 billions this year and,the sucker-punch is, RBS concurrently rewarding its own executives with £390millions in performance bonus payments. Not only does the 99% or thereabouts of Society get to be defecated upon daily by Usurer/Capitliats and their “1% exclusively benefits from it” system,but the 99% have pay to ensure that the 1%’s bowel movements remain unimpeded.


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