One thing,perhaps the only “thing ” the ruling Usurer/Capitalist elites’spokesmen and political representatives are good at,is the ability to spout to order unerringly, the most innately trite and banal aphorisms and to pass such utterances off as the very epitome of common-sense or the apotheosis of mankind’s philosophical and reasoning capabilities. A case in point as to the extent of this particular sheer banality of evil, is the endless recounting of the sheer brutality of economic hardship and deprivation heaped on the Greek people as a result of the engineered malfunctioning of the Usurer/Capitalist system . According to the cosmopolitan-based ruling super-elites and their servile and compliant Commentariat deployed throughout all sections of the Media,it’s all ,”inevitable” or “unavoidable” and somehow “necessary”. Rich screw the Poor and its “competition”, ” Market forces “;Poor attempt to ameliorate the one-sided csrewing at least for a little while and its “exorbitant wage demands” or they are being “unrealistic”. Half of all Under-25’s in Greece are jobless.The pathetically meagre national minimum wage is going to be reduced by about a third. This economic leech-craft,redolent of medieval thaumaturgy rather than rational contemporary economics,is being implemented throughout the EU to a greater or lesser degree, with hardly any discernible parliamentiary political opposition or democratic non-violent,extra-parliamentiary opposition. The fuse ,it appears,has not much longer left to burn.


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