Eugenics,a policy incorrectly attributed as being the innovation or exclusive preserve of the German Third Reich (1933-45) is alive and well in the advanced,industrialised Western democracies. One of the modern guises Eugenics appears in, is the policy of state-sanctioned, elective extermination of pre-birth humans -The Abortion Act 1967,for instance in the UK- has during its tenure on the Statute Books led to the culling of some 7,000,000 human foetuses. Ultimately, Eugenics is about getting rid of the unfit and controlling via administrative/bureaucratic means the otherwise unregulated breeding among the poor and socially marginalised,whose burgeoning and unwieldy numbers have historically been perceived as a threat to the middle-classes,who because of their superior socialisation and education tend to breed less often. The aforegoing summarises the views of The Fabian Society,the Labour Party’s main “think tank “for generating,popularising and eventually inculcating and then implementing what it determines intellectually to be its notions of progress and therefore Party policy. The entire logic of social welfare provision for mothers and families,certainly as envisaged by the now lionised Beveridge Report 1944,was to give preferential state aid to the middle classes, those deemed to be improving themselves vis a vis the undrclass/lumpenproletariat. Abortion proved,fortuitously, to have served the brute element of numerical control well,though not entirely confined to the under-achieving and marginalised as much as the Ideologues might have wished. Needless to say,all main stream parliamentiary poltical parties ,all long since subverted and subsumed by Fabianism perpetuate the policies of instutionalised elective extermination. They and their like-minded Ideological co-conspirators often set the proverbial hare running to gauge,from time to time the mood of public opinion. One such deceptive stroke is as of to-day being played out in the populist media by someone referrd to as a “philosopher and medical ethicist” linked to Oxford University,who in a doctoral thesis advocates that Doctors should have the right to kill newborn babies if they are born disabled or “unwanted”. Even such a truly ghastly suggestion evokes a horrified response;which is what the Elites want to gauge,they are testing the public’s moral defences. They are already in the throes of preparing the rest of us for the extending of the parameters of their Social Eugenics Program.


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