Here in the Yu-Kay,the publicly-funded BBC hosts a Friday evening “topical comedy” program on Radio4 called, “The Now Show”;in keeping with its instutionalised anti-Christian policies and practices and its concomitant support for everything trendy,pretend-socialist,liberal,green and feminist,it was deemed legitimate to broadcast a “humourous” denunciation of the Catholic church hierarchy,that accused certain prominent individuals of having actively engaged in the cover-up of criminal activity within the church in the recent past. Unsurprisingly,listeners complained in their droves to the BBC and the network’s “Feedback” complaints forum quizzed the head of Radio Comedy,ms.Jane Berthoud about this……” ms.berthoud clearly and unambiguously refused to even recognise the very substance of the original complaint with which she was challenged by the Feedback presenter. Slander and defamation of the Catholic church is bad enough but then to -as Head of Comedy-exceed her remit and continue the wholly unfounded and misleading attack on the character,integrity and factual position of individuals of the Catholic hierarchy is unacceptable. Arrogance and hubris are clearly Berthoud’s strong points and her Stalinist reinterpretation of facts,institutionalised by the Corporation itself is an unforgivable affront to the listening public. Not once did so much as a hint of genuine sorrow or utterance of mature,reflective regret pass her flapping venal orifice. Given that the BBC permits and promotes blasphemy,portrays practising Christians in the same manner that the 3rd Reich began with characterising Jews;I am perturbed but not surprised that careerist non-entities like Berthoud claim “Comedy” as some noble virtue that excuses the garbage like Hardy and Holmes when they spew their vile poison and anti-christian tirades out into the public sphere.Jane’re on The List!”…… the preceding is the text of an on-line complaint I submitted to the BBC.I won’t be holding my breath!


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