Here in the formerly “great”Britian,the surprising, and unexpectedly welcome,debacle over petrol supplies at filling stations makes one grateful for the stupidity and failings of governments. Irrespective of their ideological prejudices,the supposed competence and thoroughness of their policies and plans,the last thing the people need are governments who know how to successfully implement their plans.It’s bad enough when governments get it wrong;but it is far far worse whenever they get it right. And leading Conservative Minister Francis Maude has managed to score one of the most spectacularly maladroit public relations own goals in recent memory. Maude’s sage advice that motorists stock up with jerry-cans of petrol( in anticipation of a possible fuel-delivery tanker drivers’strike,that in any event cannot eventuate until after the Easter holidays )engendered a public response close to panic,as motorists bought up the avaialble petrol at a rate twice the normal daily average.There is now a fuel shortage;but we are at least two weeks away from the possibility of a fuel delivery strike.This truly is Schadenfreude a heroic scale. Following as it does in the immediate aftermath of former Carlton TV sales rep.Cameron’s dire attempt to exude “blokeiness” ansd identify himself with workers who eat pasties during the course of a day.It was like listening to Eichmann stood at the railway halt at Auschwitz telling the priosners that he too enjoyed the occasional bagel.


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