On 6 July 2005,the IOC ,meeting in Singapore, announced that London had been chosen as the host city for the 2012 Olympiad.According to,the now “Shadow”,Olympics Minister,Ms.Tessa Jowell, during a radio interview the other day,part of the UK’s “Singapore Promise”, was a litany of quite blatantly,fatuous and delusional proposals the bidding city claimed to be able to implement/achieve for having been “chosen”. Greater numbers of people actively participating for longer on a more regular basis in “sports” in their local communities in general. Greater numbers of school pupils taking part for at least two hours of sporting activity every week at their school. According to Jowell,(based on some sort of ubiquitous “You Gov” empirical data),figures for what were pretty innocuously defined targets for levels of participation had fallen since 2005 in both commmunity and schools. Direct and tangible economic investment was in any case limited geographically to the 5 London boroughs,the only “promise” linked to them, was that construction work would create 20,000 jobs “guaranteed” for local people. It had been previously found that at best boroughs had barely employed in the very low huindreds any local people at all;nowhere near the average of 4,000 in each of the 5 boroughs. The “Games” element is fantastically over-budget,irrespective of which of the 3 major Collaborationist/anti-indigenous/pro-Polish parties give their slightly,doctored and equally implausible version of the financial catastrophe of “hosting”.And the best that the Metropolitan-based,cosmopolitan-elites can do for the rest of Britain is a pathetic re-enactment of Adolf Hitler’s inauguration of the Olympic torch relay.Which given the multiculturalist/anti-patriotic nature of the Olympics Promoters is a damning historic irony.


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