Oh dear,oh dear,oh dear! The British economy has, according to the official pro-Usury-debt bondage supporting Corporate Media and the anti-working people’s Regime themselves,entered into what they off-handedly call a ” double dip recession “. And most, if not all, of the genuinely ” conservative ” and ” free market ” espousing members of The Elite’s own Commentariat are rather upset at the prospect of further economic and heaven forefend, ensuing social instability. Tsk,tsk,they all say in harmony,the people,the very sovereign electorates of our wonderful democratic nation-states are just going to have to suffer and sacrifice that little bit longer than first predicted.Well never mind,say all the so-called mainstream,parliamentiary opposition parties who actively support the continuing dfeterioration in the nass of the peoples’ living standards. Global Monopoly Capitalism is just soo wonderful,don’t you thin? I mean,whoever came up with Private enterprise as the best and only way of generating, distributing and managing the world’s common-wealth was an absolute bloody genius.And as for institutionalised Usury,hey,great call,whoever made it !


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