Let’s get Ekphrasic ! Firstly ,let’s de-mystify the ancient Greek term/concept ;all it means,is :- writing that makes a comment on or describes another form of art. So,there’s a lot of Ekphrasic writing out there that doesn’t even know of its own venerable status. I’m at this moment composing a prose piece that essentially references a current film that has a screenplay based on 1960’s comic books.That’s Ekphrasis ! The Motion Picture blockbuster,” Avengers Assemble ” is raking it in in great big shovel loads, and had a production cost guess-timated at $220,000,000. I wonder just how big a (ironic reference) percentage of that went on the production of,what eventually ended up as the screenplay. A couple of mill.tops ? Writing,any writing,any any old writing is big business;the essential “trick” is to get yourself and your specific skill-set into the proximity of those Big piles of cash looking for an excuse or commercial justification to invest themselves in your brand of hype rather than,say the much more talented ,but hopefully less savvy guy right there next to you.This is survival of the canniest and why should it be someone else’s snout in the trough ahead of yours ? As Writers,Creative Artists,it behoves us to be continually arguing for and promoting Bigger Troughs,and more opportunities for accessing the troughs for all. As a Writer/Poet I never assert that public funding for the arts is somehow,”wrong” or “inapproprate use of public money”; I do however contend that Public money gushing toward the “Arts” is systematically misdirected, because the Intellectual and Ideological Petomaines who’ve been running the show since forever, turned the commanding heights of Public Arts funding bodies into their private and exclusive fiedoms ages ago,and so it is they and the symbiotic nexus of the same Oxbridge/Public school educated,Metropolitan-based,Islington-dinner party elites who are the problem seeking a solution. Hollywood runs its racket its own way.And whether it is nobler..and so forth remains and will continue to be a very moot point. But what i do recall from the days of my childhood is going to the late Victorian Indoor Market in the once bustling coalfield metropolis of Castleford on a  late ’60s Saturday morning,perhaps no more than once a fortnight and wading through the latest btach of imported DC and Marvel imports.At 2/- and 2/6d. each they were a serious investment and hey presto ! 40-odd years later they’ve actually put onto the big screen what could only at the time exist on the page. Now that,is Art.


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