The trouble Empires have leaving the stage of history ,is that they really don’t want to go.Having strutted and fretted their hours upon the stage,they’d just as soon continue hanging around rather than accept their fate and be consigned to historic oblivion. The mewling squall of petty ,petit-bourgeois disenchantment with the Occupy Wall street movement is indicative of the prevailing tenor of confusion and alienation that the once most steadfast supporters of Global Monopoly Capitalism (GMC)are experiencing in the present global economic cataclysm. Their shitty defined career structures,their insipid social and ideological conformity to the works of mammon,their utterly venal and delusional hope that they might somehow earn a pension or be comfortably off in their retiremnet years;all of this represents the sum total of GMC’s benefits bestowed on its subjugated populations.And even in that GMC and its ruling elites have,like all preceding empires and their projects,failed and failed miserably.Their reward is indeed certain;the grave. those “responsible2 for the maintenance and propagation of GMC and all its works are thereby responsible for the same. For decades after the ending of the Second World War,there was a populist conceit/prejudice,certainly prevalent in Britain,that somehow all succeeding generations of the German people and those present during the war were personally morally culpable and had to atone for their “crime”of not having personally denounced Adolf Hitler and all his works publicly during the period 1933-45 inclusive. Those who are not against GMC, are indeed in favour of it,all its policies and the behaviour of its ruling elites.That sounds fair enough to me.


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