The French call it ” ennui”,the Brits prefer “boredom”. The local council elections have concluded here in the formerly “great” britain and have delivered another mind-sappingly,egregious yawnfest. All the instituionalised ,(the iconoclast George Galloway calls them tweedledum,tweedledee and tweedle half-a-dee) parties have obfuscated,demurred and crawled their various ways back under their respective stones having asked the sovereign electorates not to stamp on them too hard.For the trotskyite voluntary in-patient Harriet The Harridan ,the results are some sort of epochal triumph of lying,cheating,treacherous labour.For incipient war-criminal and valet-in-chief to Washington,the snotnosed William Hague,the damage inflicted on the remaining rubble of Tory electoral credibility was simply “expected” and the Liberals actually expressed profound sorrow and regret to all their many former grubby little politcal weasels and lackeys who now lose access to their town hall sinecure expense accounts.All in all a great night for democracy in Britain.


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