In then wake of May 6’s French presidential election and parliamentiary elections in Greece,Sanity,at long,long,last appears to be restoring itself to nation-states across the benighted and Usurer/Capitalist beleaguered continent of Europe. The new chief – porter at Hotel De France ,Hollande appears to be willing to question the incipient Germanocratic takeover of all things “european”;whilst Sarkozy allowed himself to play the underling/ Petain role,Hollande perhaps by fluke than by any substantive cognitive reasoning seems to think that economic growth might be a good thing after all. Frau Krautface Von Merkel disagrees and does so on behalf,rather paradoxically ,of her German electorate.Which is rather bizarre since it most definitely is not the wish or desire of the German electorate to hand over any of their hard-earned money to the EU’s megalomaniacal Ponzi Scheme of propping up other countries’ out-of-kilter ,degraded economic and financial infrastructures. The Greek nation,however imperfectly ,expressed its prference for Parties opposed to the continuation of the inhumane austerity measures imposed upon them in the name of EU fiscal stability.The concept itself, of a fiscal stability,is a work of dystopian fiction dreamt up by the mainly german-domiciled ruling elites and political classes of “europe”-wherever the hell that specious non-entity is supposed to be,if it ever existed at all. True to form,and how could it ever be otherwise.the mainstream,Usury-worshipping,mentally unbalanced conservatives and socialists and liberals,(themselves the triumvirate of cultural apostasy,national betrayal and promoters of universal demographic ethnic chaos)are already crying their usual chorus of “wolf” over a party called Golden Dawn that has popped up in Greece.Hey guys,that’s democracy!


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