There is something altogether brilliantly,mordantly funny whenever supporters/advocates/practitoners/representatives of global monopoly capitalism and its depredations,start discussing their rather squalid ideology as if it were an exercise in christian theology. ” Morality ” and ” ethics ” spouted forth from the lips of two pundits/priveleged members of the Metropolitan educated and domiciled Commentariat via the involuntary publicly financed airwaves of BBC Radio4 on the flagship, “To-day” news program this very morning (14May),as if they were the utterances of some infallible priesthood. Will Hutton and a Lady De Rothschild traded inflections and cautiously nuanced ,intangible gradations of what each thought constituted morality and ethics in regard to the practices and existence of capitalism. Clearly both of them would have made ideal patients in the very best Soviet-era Psychiatric hospitals.


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