Is there a crisis ? Pick up any newspaper,switch on the TV and radio and you are inundated by an interminable plethora of wailing voices bemoaning the parlous state of ,variously,the Greek national economy and the Eurozone. Diverse causes of the various monetary/economic/political/social crises that the world is experiencing at present,are being addressed/dealt with/analysed/commented upon.All to little or no effect. The downfall of tyrannical regimes ,throughout recorded history , is invariably characterised by the supporters/advocates/ideologues of those regimes belly-aching about their long overdue and well deserved fate. The current raft of crises has its own accompanying chorus of self-pitying whining voices emanating from the supposed economic experts and political commentators;all of them trying desperately to persuade the 99% of how truly disastrous the downfall of the global monopoly capitalist system would supposedly be for “all of us”. One of the many intellectually specious, alarmist and wholly disingenuous arguments that are somehow intended to persuade all those who have been,and are continuing to be ,remorselessly and brutally exploited and reduced to penury or worse as a result of the operation of the very Usurer-led global monopoly capitalist system itself. As Joihn Lilburne might have opined,bollocks to the lot of them.


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